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Fathers are their children's first superheroes. They set the tone for how they should behave as men, or be treated by men as they grow into adulthood. There is no guide to how to be a dad, but there has been an unwritten standard as to which men are innately seen as great dads. Somehow, men of color got the bad rap of being absentee dads or subpar dads when statistics show that fathers of color tend to be more involved in their children's daily lives.

Often times, we will see viral videos of fathers and their children and people are either shocked and in disbelief or praising them for being superman when these men are simply doing what real men do every day. So this is my tribute to the men that I know. The men that are fully present for their children, who love them, discipline them, guide them, educate them every day.

Here's to the dads, the papas, the daddys, the old man, in other words, here's to you, POP!

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