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About Monique.

The Creator, the Influencer, the Visionary...

The Hollis, Queens filmmaker has a lot of impressive credits to her name these days, but her genesis was at Howard University, taking film class under Haile Gerima, interning with Def Jam and coordinating the legendary Howard University Homecoming Step Show.

After graduating with her B.A. in Radio/TV/Film, Monique landed a coveted space in the CBS Page Program, which saw her working on Late Night with David Letterman, 48 Hours and CBS Sunday Morning News. After busting open the door to her dream sports job as a production assistant for Classic Sports Network/ESPN, Monique studied games, interviewed NBA players, and supervised post. She researched, wrote and produced every segment of the network’s daily program, This Day In Classic Sports.

Always craving the next challenge, Monique signed out the network camera equipment and went on to become known as “the little girl with the big camera” filming basketball games at Harlem’s famed Rucker Park. (And in her mind, sparking the idea for And1). Building on that passion for shooting, she found a way to capture notables such as Alicia Keys, Johnny Cochran, Method Man, and so many others in the gaze of her lens, catapulting her into life as an ever-present voyeur. 

Finding life on the road to be to her liking, Monique took on live event planning, working as a Coordinator with AIDS Walk NY and then AIDS Walk LA; touring the U.S. with the UniverSoul Circus, and then Italy with legendary jazz drummer Max Roach. Finally settling in Atlanta, she immersed herself in the music world, filming behind the scenes for numerous music artists and editing projects for all of your favorite record labels and media outlets including BET, MTV, TLC, Capitol Records, and Universal Records.

Sensing the burgeoning Hollywood industry in Atlanta, Monique switched gears and dove into the job of film costumer, eventually working her way to Costume Supervisor, leading the costume department through high-profile projects such as Drop Dead Diva, The Game, Cobra Kai, and Ice Cube’s Barbershop 3. But still never leaving her personal filmmaking dreams behind, she was winning prestigious awards for her own documentary, Finally Sayin’ What I Really Mean...

That long, winding road leads us to today where Monique is balancing a full plate between the development of a multimedia creator incubator for young creatives in Atlanta, her role as a host on Geek Girl Riot, idobi Network’s weekly radio show dedicated to “geeking out” with Hollywood insiders, and the work that comes from her own company, Nadiri Creative Media. Currently, Nadiri produces a couple of series; 'Pops of Color,' a short docu-series on minority fathers and family, and 'Only Way Out,' a narrative web series that addresses the harrowing effects of domestic violence.

This is what sets Monique—and Nadiri Creative Media—apart from the crowd. She’s always game for the next adventure; it’s what’s gotten her here, after all. She is the underdog, the creator, the influencer, and the role model - a living, breathing reason to believe there’s no reason a little girl in Queens can’t grow up to rule the world.

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