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‘The Get Down’ Takes You to 1970s the Bronx When Hip-Hop Was Born

The upcoming Netflix original is by Baz Luhrmann and rap legend Nas.

Source: ‘The Get Down’ Takes You to 1970s the Bronx When Hip-Hop Was Born

Man, I cannot wait to see this Netflix show! Netflix is killing the game with it’s original programming. And from the trailer, I can see already, the clothes are going to make or break this show wide open. From the IMDB page, I glean that Executive Producer, Catherine Martin is also filling the role of Costume Designer on this show (as she did for The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge) but they also list Jeriana San Juan as the series designer. However, San Juan’s IMDB credits mainly list her as an Assistant Costume Designer.

Looking at her body of work, Catherine Martin is a beast! It’s hard enough just being a Costume Designer but she tripled up taking on an Executive Producer role, Costume Designer and Production Designer – for several movies! I’m in awe! The Australian born creative has 4 Oscars, 5 BAFTAs and a Tony on her mantle. AND on top of all that, she’s a mother of 2 pre-teens and wife. I think I’ve just uncovered Superwoman.

Apparently, The Get Down, Baz Luhrmann’s first TV series is the most expensive in history – $120 mil. U.S. overall. With a 12 episode season, that made each episode $10 mil. Beyond construction, locations, costumes, talent and general production costs that $120 mil also includes dance and DJ’ing lessons, music licensing fees and original music creation from artists like Nas. In the end, Netflix is hoping that this will all be worth it. Me too!

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