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Satan’s Sisters Series Coming to VH1 Based on Star Jones’ Book

VH1 is moving forward on ‘Satan’s Sisters,’ a one hour scripted dramatic series based on Star Jones’ book. The series will premiere in 2017.

Source: Satan’s Sisters Series Coming to VH1 Based on Star Jones’ Book


August 1st starts a new chapter in my on-set career as Costume Supervisor on VH1’s Daytime Divas (based on Star Jones’ book Satan’s Sisters). I’m excited to be working again with one of my favorite designers, Frank Helmer (with whom I did Coma, Drop Dead Diva and Microsoft’s Quantum Break). Executive Producer, Josh Berman, has returned to Atlanta and reassembled our Drop Dead Diva crew for a show that will hopefully have as long of a run as the aforementioned Lifetime staple show.

I’m always anxious right before the start of a new show, it’s kind of like the first day of school, you know the basic routine but every year you go back, the dynamic has changed ever so slightly.

Vanessa Williams is starring as Maxine, the creator and host of The Lunch Hour, a popular and long-running daytime talk show co-hosted by a panel of women who create an abundance of backstage drama. The legendary Suzanne DePasse is also co-executive producing alongside Star Jones, Josh Berman, Susan Levinson and Madison Jones (co-chairman of dePasse Jones Entertainment).

I am excited about the opportunity to work with such powerful people and I can’t wait to use my time on this show to watch and learn from powerful Black women making power moves in Hollywood — all while still building my own platform while off set so I too can move in those powerful circles.

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