‘Pops of Color’ episodes

Our first featured ‘Pop’ is Bishop Dale Bronner of Word of Faith Family Cathedral in Austell, GA. This father of 5 impresses upon us that a father’s love should be a child’s first view of the love of God here on earth. He is a shining example of fatherhood both in his home and in his ministry. I am thankful that Bishop was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to share with us his memories of his own father, and his experiences raising children of his own.


Pop #2 is Howard University alum and Phi Beta Sigma man, G. Adrian Barrett. Hailing from Jamaica, Adrian was raised in New York by a tough-as-nails single mom who raised two young boys into productive, college-educated, family men. Siting ‘The Cosby Show’ as an aspirational influence, we discussed what fatherhood means to him in the Obama generation.

Pop #3 is Master Il Seob (James) Kang, 4-time Korea national Tae Kwon Do champion, USAT Certified Associate Coach, Certified Physical Education Teacher of Pre-school to Elementary school, husband, and father of one. Master Kang has only been teaching in the U.S. since 2008 so english is not his first language. Despite the barrier, we talked about the difference in how Korean fathers express their love for their families and what he does differently raising his daughter here in America.

A good dad is so underrated today. Someone to teach their son how to be a man, how to treat a woman, how to lose with grace and win with humility. It is such an honor to take audience with these great men – men who live by a code and maintain their responsibilities with great pride. I am honored to introduce Pop #4, Charles Womack, Jr., a great man who pours into his son and cherishes his role as ‘daddy’.

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  1. Henrietta Crump says: Reply

    Very heartwarming and inspiring!!!

  2. Awesome interview! A great insight into Bishop Bronner. Hearing more about his Dad helped to connect more of the dots from times past when his Dad was in the helm & I submitted one of my 1st apparel lines in their fashion show at the hair show. Indeed amazing how time does fly! Hearing about Dads, made me think of the dynamic Dad I have & how things like a letter of thanks was a wonderful idea. Encouraging! Thank You Monique!! Z

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