Pops of Color: Goldie

Welcome to our 6th installment of Pops of Color, we’d like to introduce you to a major dad, Carlos Tavares (otherwise known as Goldie). Goldie is a father to 5 wonderfully intelligent young people. It is fitting that he falls to the number 6 slot on our list because the number six holds extreme numerological […]

Pops of Color: Biznessman


Happy father’s day to one of the proudest fathers that I know and the man who served as one of my inspirations for creating this series. Ron is the most present dad I know. He is there for every moment of his son’s life – he knows every teacher, every friend, he is always encouraging […]

Pops of Color: Charles Womack

A good dad is so underrated today. Someone to teach their son how to be a man, how to treat a woman, how to lose with grace and win with humility. It is such an honor to take audience with these great men – men who live by a code and maintain their responsibilities with […]

Pops of Color: Il Seob Kang

Pop #3 is Master Il Seob (James) Kang, 4-time Korea national Tae Kwon Do champion, USAT Certified Associate Coach, Certified Physical Education Teacher of Pre-school to Elementary school, husband, and father of one. Master Kang has only been teaching in the U.S. since 2008 so english is not his first language. Despite the barrier, we talked about […]

Pops of Color: Adrian Barrett

Pop #2 is Howard University alum and Phi Beta Sigma man, G. Adrian Barrett. Hailing from Jamaica, Adrian was raised in New York by a tough-as-nails single mom who raised two young boys into productive, college-educated, family men. Siting ‘The Cosby Show’ as an aspirational influence, we discussed what fatherhood means to him in the […]

‘The Get Down’ Takes You to 1970s the Bronx When Hip-Hop Was Born

The upcoming Netflix original is by Baz Luhrmann and rap legend Nas. Source: ‘The Get Down’ Takes You to 1970s the Bronx When Hip-Hop Was Born Man, I cannot wait to see this Netflix show! Netflix is killing the game with it’s original programming. And from the trailer, I can see already, the clothes are […]

Satan’s Sisters Series Coming to VH1 Based on Star Jones’ Book

VH1 is moving forward on ‘Satan’s Sisters,’ a one hour scripted dramatic series based on Star Jones’ book. The series will premiere in 2017. Source: Satan’s Sisters Series Coming to VH1 Based on Star Jones’ Book   August 1st starts a new chapter in my on-set career as Costume Supervisor on VH1’s Daytime Divas (based […]

Breaking down the Walls

These past few weeks I have been on my grind; writing, editing, shooting various projects. I’m so excited about the creative process! It’s difficult breaking through the creative blocks, freeing myself from judgement that doesn’t allow the emotion to pour freely onto the page. It seems as though when you are blocked in any one […]