FCP Time!

This week has been super productive in terms of editing! I’ve nearly completed 5 segments for my mini-documentary series, “Pops of Color”.

All of the footage was shot on the Canon 70D and Canon 7D dslr cameras. This is my first time shooting on my own on either camera. The footage is beautiful, but I still need to work on my focus. I need more separation between the foreground subjects and my background. Also, I’m not loving that I can’t see audio levels when I’m recording. I am using the Rode short shotgun mic and the audio is decent but I’m still picking up background noise so I think I’m going to look into purchasing a BOYA BY-M1 lav and plug it into my H1 Zoom Handy Recorder. That way, I’ll have a closer mic for better interview audio and the shotgun for ambient. At that point, I’ll just need a mini-slate so I can sync up the audio in post.

I’m super excited about how everything is coming together. My subjects have provided good family photos that I am integrating with the interview footage. It’s been a slight learning curve with the new Final Cut Pro X, I’ve had it for like a year but been so busy working on other people’s shows that I haven’t had time to do my own thing. But it is so intuitive that I’m able to play around and figure things out pretty quickly. The main thing I need to work on is my organization and also workflow. You have to start in an organized manner, making sure all of the source material and the files are where they belong. Makes everything so much cleaner in the end.


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