Breaking down the Walls

These past few weeks I have been on my grind; writing, editing, shooting various projects. I’m so excited about the creative process! It’s difficult breaking through the creative blocks, freeing myself from judgement that doesn’t allow the emotion to pour freely onto the page. It seems as though when you are blocked in any one area of your life, the blocks continually manifest themselves everywhere.

What has helped me is changing up the medium through which I tell my truths. I am a wife of a Black man and the mother of a young Black man, that truth has been bound up in fear and frustration with all that is going on in our society right now. I don’t want to fear every time I my husband is late getting home or when I haven’t heard from him for a few hours. I’ve read lots of blog posts, articles, tweets, essays, FaceBook posts – I don’t think I can say what I feel any better than anything that I’ve heard thus far (particularly Jesse Williams fantastic speech at the BET awards that really sums it all up). But, I feel the need to contribute in my own way. I can’t write/change the laws (and I don’t feel like we can legislate people into morality anyway) but I’m hoping that through my gifts, I can help change people’s hearts.

Two huge things that are missing in the world today are compassion and empathy. People cannot seem to, as the old folks used to say, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” I am sad when I see the comments section on news websites. It’s as if there is a blatant refusal to see the humanity in ALL of humanity. Why is there more outrage at the death of an animal than a human being? But I digress. Through my pain, I’ve birthed, “Pops of Color,” a collection of interviews with fathers of varying ethnic backgrounds discussing their experiences with fatherhood, their love for their children and the legacies they hope to leave behind. My desire is that people will watch, and understand that although we all come from different backgrounds and cultures, that LOVE for our children is something we all share.

I welcome you to watch and share. Thanks for caring.

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