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Mission Statement:
Fully committed to providing the highest-quality programming that inspires the public and pushes the limits of creativity, Atlanta-based, boutique multi-media company Nadiri Creative Media, LLC is the premiere production company for generations to come. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique voice and fresh perspective. Whether video production, video editing, documentaries, short films or print media, Nadiri Creative Media is the future of communications.

Our vision is to produce award-winning film, web and documentary productions that will inspire, entertain and enlighten. Innovative, skilled and groundbreaking, Nadiri Creative Media is set to revolutionize multi-media.

Logo Description:
The logo is a single eye with the words Nadiri Creative Media around it. The eye has two representations: one is the third eye which leads us to spaces of higher consciousness, evoking mental images of deeply-personal significance and the second representation is the eye which is used to observe through the viewfinder and focus on images. Observation, Focus and Enlightenment - what Nadiri Creative Media does.




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